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Millwright Local 1916 is accepting Applications and resumes for Millwright Journeypersons that have obtained a valid Certificate of Qualification. Please forward resume to

Building Partnerships for the Future

Millwrights Union Local 1916, Ontario

Our Commitment to Excellence

For Millwrights Union Local 1916, protecting our jobs requires a competitive edge. By being competitive, our contractors can send a clear message to companies: the job is going to be done on time, on budget with high quality, safe work and with no disruptions. Our union can only deliver if each and every member is committed to excellence every day on the job.

This Commitment to Excellence has been adopted by the Millwrights Regional Council and the Millwright Locals of Canada to protect and to expand your job opportunities.


Millwright local 1916’s commitment to providing qualified and skilled professionals to our regional work fronts is exemplified by their ongoing and evolving training programs.
Integrity, pride and professionalism are demonstrated through the quality of workmanship exhibited by their members.

H. Hildebrandt
The State Group

I have been working with local 1916 for close to 40 years. The local has proven to be progressive year after year in all aspects of the millwright trade and the construction industry requirements. They have transitioned into leaders in the field, working together with contractors to employ the best manpower and skill set available. There is no status quo as they continually train personnel locally and internationally to meet and exceed our customers’ increasing requirements. You can be assured 1916’s business agents set a high standard for Safety, Quality, Productivity and On Site Presentation from each of their members. Local 1916’s and the MRCO’s progressive business attitude sets the bench mark for other trades to follow. We recommend using Local 1916 on any of your future projects or maintenance requirements.

S. Henrich, President
AIM Industrial Inc.

Our job sites wouldn’t be the safe and productive place they currently are if it weren’t for the Millwrights supplied by Local 1916 Hamilton Millwrights.

J. Snyder
Process Group

The Millwrights that Local 1916 provide to our company are well trained, safety conscious and they work efficiently with a high standard of quality. If you have the need for highly qualified Millwrights, I would recommend Local 1916 as your provider.

R. Straus, President
Trade-Mark Industrial Inc.